The ABCs of Why We Needed Trump

History Opinion

Warning: Trump is hazardous to your health. Consumption of YUGE doses of his policies may prove harmful to your welfare programs and have been found to produce economic growth, employment opportunities for minority groups, reduction in food stamps recipients, and a general expectation of greatness.

The Main Swamp Media would have you believe that the last two years, and presumably the next two, will historically be America’s worst nightmare. In the real world, where people can read and count, we know that the Trump Administration has been a positive influence unlike anything we have seen within our lifetime.

Economies come and go. Taxes rise and fall. These are the normal temporary ripples from every administration. Few people connect those things with a single 4- or 8-year term.  However, infrastructural changes, such as the development of new departments of government or Constitutional reforms, are forever locked with particular Presidents. Abraham Lincoln’s 13th Amendment (Emancipation), and by extension Andrew Johnson’s 14th (Civil Rights) and 15th Amendments (Black Suffrage), and Woodrow Wilson’s 19th Amendment (Women’s Suffrage) stand out Constitutionally as improvements to the American Dream.

However, history tries to forget the other changes Presidential terms have produced. We are not reminded of the men who brought us the development of Income Taxes (William Taft), the Federal Reserve (Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Roosevelt), the Central Intelligence Agency (Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower), the Environmental Protection Agency (Richard Nixon), and the Department of Education (Jimmy Carter). Each of these agencies have negatively impacted the freedoms of the U.S. citizens more than improved them. Very few departmental or infrastructural changes have moved in the direction of aiding “We the People” rather than benefitting the Congress they elected.

Enter Trump. I have been reminded of all the things that would have disappeared along with his absence. Some never would have happened, others would have been treated as if they didn’t.

No Abedin allegations, Antifa riots, or Afghanistan departures. No Bannon, Brennan tweets, Bush revelations, or Borders (possibly at all). No Collusion, Comey, Cohen, Clapper, or Clinton Foundation. No Dossier, Don Jr. meetings, or Dow records. No Fake News, FISA, False Flags, FBI firings, Flynn fabrications, or Flake flips. No Ginsburg, Gorsuch, or Graham. No Justice Department, Jerusalem Embassies, or Journalists revoked. No Korean Kim, KKK yearbooks, or Kavanaugh Keggers. No MAGA hat wearing, Mueller reachings, McCabe demonic smirks, Manafort prosecutions, Macron butt-kissings, Merkel family tree reveals, or even possibly a McCain funeral. Neither  NFL kneelings nor NAFTA replacements. No Pizza-Gate, Putin handshakes, Pelosi polemics, or Pages (Carter or Lisa).

No Q.

No Rallies, Russia, Rosenstein, or Rothschild. No Sessions, Syria, Sarah Sanders, Strzok, and a whole lot less Suicides. No Trudeau, Tax Returns, Tarmac, or Taking a Knee. No Uranium One connections, United Nations rifts, or Urine parties in hotels. No Witch Hunts, Wall Street records, Weiner convictions, Waters threats, Whitaker time-keeping, and probably no Wall.