You aren’t crazy. You’re just seeing things (as they are).


I must warn you before you start reading this. I am not directing this to the average citizen right now, the ‘I’m excited about Trump, ordered my next red ball cap or custom shirt’ crowd. I’m not even focusing on the ‘I believe in Q’ folks. Honestly, both of those types come and go, shifting with the latest breezes. Nothing personal but it’s true.

The many faces of Peter Strzok

But there is more to what is going on and the people I am speaking to are more focused than that. And if you are on the fence about Trump, doubt the validity of Q, or question your own decisions about the next election cycle… just stop reading now. This is definitely not for you. You are still lost in your own comfort zone and most likely unreachable by rational argument.

If you are still judging events by a political party, a news channel, or your neighbor, you aren’t fully awake yet. If you don’t already see it, you are still blind. You have not really taken the red pill. 

I have spoken endlessly about the larger issues at hand within the next 5-6 years. I no longer speak about Presidential terms, congressional figures, policy debates, et al. The hysteria about Republicans and Democrats, health care and gun control, is mere milk-toast conversation. If you can not see the real war taking place globally, you simply are not looking around you. You still use terms like ‘conspiracy theory” — even for your own thoughts — and believe holding signs outside offices or posting memes on social media are accomplishing great things. Again, I am not directing my statements at you anymore.

Demonic imagery throughout Disney marketing

If you still see Disney as innocent family entertainment, Hollywood as fiction, the music industry as mere entertainment, and the bulk of organized religion as honorable to God, this isn’t for you either.

If you still find the institutions of education and commerce positively effective and productive, and truth as relative to your environment, you are also not on my radar. You are still blind, despite what you may think.

If you still shake your head in disbelief, maybe even nervously laughing off comments about pedogate, satanic rituals, cannibalism, and more, you are in for a very rude awakening and soon.

Now, for those still reading and not offended: YOU are my audience and you ARE right. You do not fit in with the world, you know it and accept it. Everything your soul has been telling you IS true. You know there is a timeless, much deeper war being fought and you know which side you are on.

Katy Perry, 2019

You KNOW that we are living in a very dark and lost world. You KNOW there is evil and perversions beyond civility all around you. You are NOT crazy, delusional, or weak-minded. You ARE right to believe that the powers in charge of the world have been lying to us, molding our reality, steering our emotions, and altering our perception of truth. And most of all, you KNOW it is NOT insane to accept that this is true.

That’s fine, you say, but things are getting worse not better.  This, however, is NOT true.

The realm of human abuses is NOT growing, it is not getting worse. It is being exposed. We are not living in darker times, but rather lighter times in which those dark recesses are being revealed to us. It appears worse because it is actually ‘appearing’ for the first time in centuries. We are more awake to the Evil, the Evil does not desire to be exposed, and it is fighting back with everything it has in its arsenal. But we see it happening, are no longer blindsided by the activities and schemes laid out around us.

Protester at 2018 Kavanaugh confirmation hearings

Do you not see people in the streets, literally growling and snarling? Screaming into the sky like feral animals? Do you not see figures of ‘status’ making unveiled and angry demands for rape, torture, and murder of innocent lives? This is pure, unquestionable, transparent exposure of evil. You are right. You have been right all this time. It has been real, it has been going on unchecked and in the darkness. You are not crazy.

The Evil no longer speaks of soft, ambiguous terms like ‘fetus.’ It has been exposed and no longer needs to pretend. It can and does now speak openly and even happily of aborting ‘children.’ Evil no longer disguises its lust for perversions such as pedophilia and cannibalism.  And it blatantly screams that you are the irrational one if you oppose such thinking. Not so. You ARE right to fight these things, to see these evil deeds as they are. You ARE right.

Joe Biden’s intimate interactions with children

You ARE seeing the public desire to normalize sexual desire for children. It IS real and you ARE right to expose it. You ARE seeing larger numbers of allegations of sexual crimes, reading sicker stories of perversion and depravity. Evil is running out of time, running out of deceptions, running out of opportunities to grab fresh converts. You see it. You KNOW it’s true. You ARE right to expose it.

The redeeming element to all of this? The hope at the end of these times? You are far from being alone. In reality, millions and millions are seeing what you are seeing, know what you know, and the numbers are growing daily. It is worldwide, spreading like wildfire, across all cultures. Some call it the Great Awakening. The fully aware, and now openly accepting, awakened are rising up and making their stand. It is non-violent yet extremely powerful. It crosses previous political and religious barriers. Translated into every known language. 

The Evil is exposed more now than ever in history. Like a feral dog, it is being cornered and at the point of snapping and snarling against a larger, more dangerous enemy: you. The Evil is legitimately terrified of you. This is why there is so much opposition, why it’s so extreme and irrational. You hold the truth, carry it like a sword, and your mere existence is a threat to Evil’s dominion. Evil knows the outcome ahead, predestined ages ago, but it will fight to the end with everything it has. 

Evil must attack violently because the lie ALWAYS must be told through anger. Truth is told through patience, with peace and security. But don’t confuse passionate expression with violence. Stand for what you know, raise your voice as needed. Defend the truth. Defend each other. 

Pity the foolish, the angry masses, screaming their opposition with empty repetition of 4am talking points. Recognize that with each outburst of irrational reactionary prose, your solidly calm confidence builds the stronger argument. You are not crazy. You are just seeing a changing of the guards. And you are part of the greatest events in history. The second greatest story ever told. #WWG1WGA